OCEAN INNOVATIONS® Dipt’n Dusted® Grouper Tenders

OCEAN INNOVATIONS® Dipt’n Dusted® Grouper Tenders

Dipt’n Dusted® Grouper Tenders are a profitable way to add authentic wild-caught grouper to your menu without any work.  Our premium grouper is tossed in seasoned flour for that true “made from scratch” appearance and flavor.


  • Verified by DNA testing
  • IQF for easy portioning
  • 9 to 12 pieces per pound
  • Fries up crisp, crunchy and delicious in 3 to 4 minutes


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Product Specifications, Preparation and Cooking

Pack Size
Count Size
Product Description
Deep Fryer Temp.
Cook Time
6/2.5 lb.
OCEAN INNOVATIONS®  Dipt’n Dusted® Grouper Tenders
350ºF 3 ½-4 ½mins
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