CAP’N JOE® Seafood Stuffing

CAP’N JOE® Seafood Stuffing

Here’s the scoop… this tub of savory seafood stuffing makes it so simple to create so many different appetizers, entrees, salad toppings and more. With crabmeat and a savory blend of vegetables and spices, Cap’n Joe® seafood stuffing is as versatile as it is delicious.


  • Packaged in a convenient tub
  • Stuff mushrooms, fish and more with Cajun flavor
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Product Specifications

Pack Size
Count Size
Product Description
Prep Method
Cook Time
1CR00832030 3/2.5 lb. N/A CAP’N JOE® Seafood Stuffing in a tub Varies- Depending on recipe, see package instructions Must reach internal temp of 165

Discover deliciously versatile, fresh-tasting products in our proprietary coating that make it simple to serve consistent, easy-to-prepare seafood.


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