OCEAN INNOVATIONS® Breaded Shrimp Pops

OCEAN INNOVATIONS® Breaded Shrimp Pops

OCEAN INNOVATIONS® Breaded Shrimp Pops are produced exclusively from whole tail-off raw shrimp enveloped in flavorful, thick breading—available in several breading formulations, from panko-style breadcrumbs and seasoned corn flour to seasoned breadcrumbs, to spice up any menu. With over 50% of the ready-to-cook shrimp pops composed of breading,* these are the perfect option for cost-conscious operators.


  • Whole, tail-off shrimp
  • Variety of breading formulations
  • Valuable menu addition
  • No labor or waste


  • Crunchy bread coatings
  • Perfectly seasoned
  • Fresh-tasting shrimp inside
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*Imitation Breaded by law are products that are produced from whole shrimp and have a breading percentage in excess of 50% of the government’s standard of identity for breaded shrimp.

Product Specifications, Preparation and Cooking

Pack Size
Count Size
Product Description
Deep Fryer Temp.
Cook Time
4/3 lb.
CRUNCH KEEPER® Panko Style Shrimp Pops, tail off
350ºF 2-2½ mins
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